The Davidic School of Ministry is a ministry training college. It is a general school of ministry training, designed for practical and theological training.
The course was carefully designed to equip leaders to advance the Kingdom of God without reference back to the college itself.
We offer a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry, which is a full time, one year course (though it can be studied at your own pace).
However, because the course is modularised, other Bible colleges have also taken on parts of the DSM course work as part of their degrees.
You can also avail yourself of any one of the twelve streams as a stand alone course for your own enjoyment!

How to start the process

Decide at what level you wish to access the training available through DSM
Decide on your budget to ensure you have the resources to take the course (remembering text books, reading, manuals, CD’s and the like).
Download a brochure outlining the curriculum about the school

Fill out an application form

Overview of the process

Before being taken up as a student of DSM you will be required to undertake an opening interview. In this process you will be asked about your salvation, your church history, any training or theology you have studied, and your general reasons for wishing to study. As part of this process you will be required to present some form of identification, and letters of recommendation or reference.
We will ensure that on top of reading material and currucullum material you will receive: personal ministry & counselling; deliverance & healing (if needed); and complete a “Discover Your Portfolio” course.
Each of the twelve streams contain 9-12 modules.

What you will receive

Being a certificate IV in Christian Ministry means you will receive an internationally recognised qualification if you complete the course work.
You will receive:

  • A manual containing all the course notes for self paced study or lectures
  • A CD containing .pdfs of the course work if you desire to do it on your computer or via the internet
  • A guide booklet containing course details, the relevant forms and interview questions and instructions for use. This guide will alert you to the required text for the section and a bibliography for further reading.
  • An examination booklet containing all the relevant essay questions, Q&A, workshop questions and exam guidelines. Each segment of the curricullum will be tested one way or another.
  • Tuition, including access to a trained supervisor
  • Assignment marking and feedback
  • You will have to purchase your own textbooks


Click here to download a brochure